Saturday, October 20, 2012

Social Action Plan

How do you create a positive, supportive and safe enviornment?
Sharing about yourself and learning about your students will help
students feel comfortable to share and it is ok to have a story and
feeling a sense of belonging.
Students today, English Learners or otherwise, have issues when it comes to sharing what they know in social situations can be challenging and intimidating.  Since many times they don’t read at grade level or can only use incomplete usage, they would rather do nothing than work hard at getting better.  They will find many ways to avoid these situations such as acting or even withdrawing during class.  Creating an environment where students are encouraged and supported will allow them to work through the lack of confidence they probably have.  During readings or other projects where understanding content could keep them from even trying, I would set these students up in social groups that can support them through the process.  During and after these moments I would also set up time to cover comprehension of content and times for student feedback.  As a follow up, I would use written and oral assessments to help the student(s) keep on track and offer support.  Showing support to any student could be the one factor in their life that could be lacking and help them feel like they can get there.

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