Monday, November 26, 2012

Blog #5

This semester, the literacy levels of my students have surprised me. They are able to cover a lot of new information and be able connect older concepts and how they are related to newer topics.  They are not able to do just the same thing.  My class is really split right down the middle of those that are getting it and those that are not.

Journal……Sept. 30, 2013
My literacy rich classroom looks like young kids that are just starting to develop the skills necessary for the bigger concepts associated with learning Biology.
My students are engaged in classroom activities and small cooperative learning moments and are just starting to get comfortable with each other.
They are reading at or below grade level with very little reading comprehension.

Diary……December 15, 2013
My literacy rich classroom looks like a small developing community where students are striving for better understanding of Biology but that just starting to put in real effort and being proud of their understanding.  The corrections that I need to make on their writing assignments is starting to decrease and their penmanship is slightly improved.
My students are engaged in classroom discussions that are exciting and that kids can take pride and ownership of.   They readily take sides and defend them with confidence.
They are reading has been improving steadily and are currently getting close to reading and comprehending at grade level.  Many students have excelled past expectations and I continually challenge them.
They are writing has been increasing as well.  Within summary work and lab write ups they are much more detailed in their thinking and to their conclusions and continually try to relate previous material to the new content that has just been learned.

Diary……May 30, 2014
My literacy rich classroom looks like a college prep class.  My students are writing well thought out summaries and Biographies while connecting grammar with content being studied.  They are able to connect the entire years content and apply it to lab write-ups and essay questions that are being asked.  In addition, they are asking questions of their own and able to do so because of their understanding they have gained over the course of the year.
My students are engaged in learning beyond the scope of the class and taking interest in areas that they are not asked to look at and actively try and share it with the rest of the class.
They are capable of independent learning in any of the areas we have covered over the course of the year.  The only thing holding any of them back is just the desire and confidence to take action. I could not be any prouder of them.

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