Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Injustice within a school comes in many shapes and sizes.  What caught my attention is this classroom, which is a Read 180 class, that is empty.  Read 180 is for all students that are well below their expected reading level.  In the past students have been placed here from day one based on test scores.  After initial assessment, if the students do well, they are then placed back into the mainstream class.  This year the students did not get placed on the first day and teachers are working to determine who and how to place these kids for help with their reading.  In the meantime, this class remains empty.  I believe it to be a major injustice to the students for multiple reasons.  First, they are now going to be pulled out of their respective classes in areas such as History or Social Studies for a remedial reading class.  This will bring tension and disdain from students who otherwise would not have to face their peers and feel less than equals with classmate and friends.  Secondly, there are two teachers waiting to help these kids and the clock is ticking.   If teachers get their assessments done by Thursday, we are expected to get the first students next Monday.  To do it in this fashion seems very disruptive and a waste of valuable resources.

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